Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter is Coming to the Wasteland

Coming Soon

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Salvage on Ouya

Available now.  Play the new and improved Salvage on your TV with Ouya!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Blitz Mode Unveiled!

I give you Blitz Mode!  When two giant saw blades just aren't enough!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Salvage Wasteland Update Now Live!

The long promised Ultimate Wasteland Salvage overhaul is now live in both the Pro and Free versions of Salvage on Google Play!  Both versions add 24 medals to earn, as well as 3 new cars, 3 new weapons, and upgradeable starting equipment to buy with salvage you collect in-game or purchase from the in-app store.  The update also adds much improved game stability and an overhauled enemy swarm system.

Get the Pro version to start your game ad-free with a 100,000 salvage (that's $10 worth of salvage for just $0.99!!) already in the bank to buy some of the new upgrades, weapons, and vehicles.  The Free version will also disable ads upon your first in-app purchase for those of you who want to try before you buy!

With all this new stuff to unlock and try out, what are you waiting for?  It's time to go kill a few thousand rampaging machines!

New screenshots, gameplay videos, and info will be coming up here soon so stay tuned to see all the new toys waiting for you unlock.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Ultimate Wasteland: Still Alive

To my handful of apocalyptic wanderers, I just wanted to let you know, after a few months on hiatus, I'm back in business working on the Ultimate Wasteland pack.  Even more additions and changes are being made to completely reinvent the Salvage experience.  The previously mentioned medal system is ready for action as well as the new vehicles and upgrades.  In addition, the update pack will roll out a new freemium model of gameplay so everyone can get total access to the new game additions.

Earn Salvage points by playing or by buying them from the upcoming in-app purchase system.  Then spend the salvage to unlock the new vehicles and upgrades as well as additional armor and bombs to help you in your quest to earn every gold medal.  Premium (Paid) edition players will automatically have $10 worth of Salvage deposited into their total as well as remaining ad-free as always.  NOTE: Free edition players may also disable ads by purchasing any amount of Salvage points from the in-app marketplace.

All these updates, additions, and changes are expected to roll out by summertime, so get ready for Salvage's triumphant rebirth; and a whole new level of wasteland mayhem.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ultimate Wasteland Update Pack Details!

The upcoming update is nearing completion and I just wanted to share some details with everyone.

- First up is the new Medal system.  The update will include 8 different unlockable medals to mark your achievements in the wasteland.  Each will come in a bronze, silver, and gold level for a total of 24 achievements.  See if you've got the skill and dedication to earn gold on all 8.  

- Next we have the 3 new vehicles on the scene.  If you're tired of the old Rusty Rover, save up your collected salvage to buy the sporty new Blazing Buggy, or the imposing Steel Sabre.  Premium players can also buy the exclusive and mysterious Dark Daylight, a classic automobile for the most selective of post apocalyptic nomads.

- Finally, we have the most exciting new developments in surviving the mechanized hordes, the 3 new weapon upgrades.  Save your salvage and purchase the Mine Deployment upgrade; leave a trail of explosives buried in the sand, waiting to obliterate any machines that wander across the killing field.  Or render every machine in the wastes helpless with the EMP upgrade, leaving you free to destroy them at your leisure and collect the salvage.  Premium players can also earn access to the ultimate weapon in the desert arsenal, the Artillery Mode upgrade.  Establish an impenetrable emplacement, complete with magnetized salvage collectors, while you rain hell-fire down on the battlefield with this rapid fire artillery battery.

All these upgrades and unlockables will be available in the coming weeks, so keep watch for this vastly expanded Salvage experience.  And remember, you can purchase the premium version of Salvage for only $0.99 and get exclusive access to the Dark Daylight vehicle, Artillery Mode upgrade, and of course, no more ads.