Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Salvage on Google Play

Salvage for Android is coming out today on Google Play!

Survive as long as you can in the barren sands of a post apocalyptic world.  Blast through hordes of homicidal machines in your desert combat kart. Collect dropped scrap for points and armor.  Find rare tri-turret, wave-bombs, and hypermods to increase your destructive power.

Salvage is a high octane, twin-stick, touch screen, shoot 'em up, with high quality, tablet ready, graphics. Featuring some cool post apocalyptic blues tunes.  How long can you last against the waves of hundreds of evil machines.

-High octane gameplay
-Ad free
-Cool blues music
-Tablet ready graphics
-Weapon upgrades
-Multiple enemy types
-Additional enemies and upgrades coming soon

-New Enemies
-New Weapon Upgrades
-New Game Modes

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